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Welcome to T.R.Em. System,

Tracking Route Embedded System, a satellite tracking system in real-time.

See how it works

A complete GPS tracking system.

Keep track of your movements has never been easier.

Download App for WP8

Currently available only for mobile devices equipped with GPS sensor and Windows Phone 8 operating system, the app developed specifically for integration with this portal. (Store)

Invite your contact

Notify the tracking code generated by your device to whoever you want to follow you during your trip, or simply sends the data through a complete e-mail to your contact.

Check your track

When you want, you can go to see the path you've made, the places where you went, or live in real-time on the streets that your friends or relatives are walking on the map in 2D or 3D.

Why Embedded

The objective is to develop dedicated devices, low cost, that can be mounted on cars.
A low-cost device

The device

Very simple components but functionals, easy to install and affordable for everyone.

Many applications in the everyday life and professional


Very large possibility, from private to commercial, from security to logistics and so on.

A great idea for your business

Think Big

If your business involves a car park, you can know the movement of each vehicle in real time.

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